Montreal Clean Train Documentary: IN & OUT (Trailer)

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I’ve recently heard a bit about a new DVD set to drop soon (but on the hush hush) called In & Out. It’s based out of Montreal and it’s apparently finna be hot! (review via Mook-Life)

I’ve included a link to the trailer which got me hyped. For those who loved Exit Through The Gift Shop, this is nothing like that. However if you want to take a peek into the realm of graffiti artists/vandals, people who paint trains in the day, evening, illegally, and what’s involved in that process (in Montreal, because every City has different nuanced methods of execution), then this DVD might interest you. This is top level graffiti documentation, and of course is Canadian-made which you should know you can trust!

Reading the review, I trust Mook-Life’s assessment. Great videography, great editing, great painting, police chases, snow storms, station bombing. Check out the trailer, it’s real guerrilla journalism — not the shit that Fox is showing you!

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