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In the streets, vices and cash are your only friends.
Let’s leave them there, that’s where life breaks your heart.

I’m posting SCOUNDREL MEMORY (MEMORIA CANALLA), a documentary made by an artist I met in Colombia — STINKFISH & fellow artist Bastardilla. It documents graffiti in Bogotá from its political inception through its illegalisation, and then its realisation in the form of art.

To me its important for North Americans to understand how graffiti has realised itself in different cultures and areas of the World. It’s also interesting to note how graffiti has sprouted from repression (in its different forms).

Whenever the labour unions incite the people to a protest it’s the monuments, the nice buildings, the nice windows shops that pay the price. These prople are rejects. They can’t understand it’s not the wall’s fault, it’s not the church’s fault, or the building’s.

These are material things that don’t feel, or see, or anything like that.

There are a ton of great quotes and a lot to learn from a culture you haven’t experienced. Any and every type of society, from children to old women are graffiti artists — it isn’t an artform reserved for any certain type of person, it’s an artform reserved for those who are repressed.

I hope you enjoy, if you have questions or comments, please comment. I can get answers.

sourced: Bastardilla

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