RIME’s Zoo York spray paint work


A long-time graffiti legend, iconic graffiti writer RIME MSK did some work with Zoo York and they cut a video.

A huge inspiration of the OPEK LIFE crew, his voice over touches on some really important perspectives that one can only get after years in the game putting in huge work. We’ve put together an honest transcript of the video but watch the video and check out his blog to see what he’s all about.

Growing up in Staten Island being a graffiti writer wasn’t really something that was considered to be long-term… to be eighteen years old and still writing it’s like “Damn, he’s still writing”, or to be fuckin’ 22 years old and still be painting. Graffiti was this thing that you hid; it was this addiction that you didn’t want other people to know about. It wasn’t something that you celebrated or made public. It’s just funny how things end up and how y’know, it all changes.

This whole idea of being a criminal and doing illegal acts, but at the same time showing your face and, I dunno it’s kinda like a weird thing. You do it, and as you’re doing it… it’s just kinda funny, it’s like, “Wow,” y’know, “maybe I’m getting a little too comfortable” y’know? And then you just say to yourself, “Well you know what? For the longest time I’ve hid who I am, and I’ve never liked that.” You get kinda tired of that, and you just want to be you! You just start to get into this habit of living your life in a non-apologetic way.”

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