Margaret Kilgallen is one beautiful loser

I assume that all graffiti artists, like me, are somewhat obsessed with typography. Different fonts & the way that they lean, how the letters are structured, varying widths, spacing, size, colour, all add to the beauty in our obsession with typefaces and writing the same letters, over and over and over and over.

Coming up with this blog post, I was reminded of the documentary Beautiful Losers, which has a really nice segment on Margaret Kilgallen (RIP). In it, she speaks on human imperfection in art, and I think encompasses the ideals of tagging and graffiti as a whole. She was married to one of the sickest handstyle artists ever — Twist/Twister — but passed away shortly after the filming of Beautiful Losers. It acts as an abrupt plot-changer in the documentary and now… I guess… I kinda… spoiled that part for you but nonetheless, this is a great segment in a great documentary that follows some really fresh and interesting graffiti artists (Twist & Espo are particularly inspiring in the film as well as Margaret). I won’t keep you waiting, here’s Margaret Kilgallen’s section — I hope you enjoy!

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