HERA: Colombian graffiti artist

When I met HERA, one of Bogota's (Colombia) highest profile female graffiti artists, I was struck by her friendliness, and her relaxed attitude to a North American showing up to…

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ZOER CSX: Artist profile

I first came across ZOER's graffiti work on the Internet a few years back. His style stood out as not following rules or trends. It had a personality of its…

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Shepard Fairey walks down memory lane

Shepard talks about the influence graffiti, skateboarding and punk rock had on his life and the ways it shaped his art career. Key moments such as a school trip to NY and the melding of styles by brands such as Shut Skateboards allowed him to develop his techniques. Look out for some classic 90’s skate footage as well.

OBEY’s description on Vimeo describes the video quite well. I just love hearing artists talk about their lives and their past. What makes them tick, where in life they made (more…)

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Killah EF graffiti documentary

Killah EF is a graffiti artist from the now World-famous SDK crew. They've made a career out of street/guerrilla style graffiti video edits, and are now one of the most…

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