The resurgence of Art & Creativity in a COVID19 World

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The art world has been flourishing in the past few weeks, after having been locked up (or locked down, depending on how you look at it) by the COVID19 virus pandemic. Or as your racist friend from high school is calling it on Facebook… the “China virus”.

As the days turn to weeks, and the weeks turn to months, social distancing seems like it’s here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. Wrapped in this pandemic is a hidden gem in that artists are finding less shit to get distracted by, and more time to hunker down and get some creative energy out.

Here are a couple COVID19 projects I’ve been following and enjoying.

‘Skateboarding In A Global Pandemic’ is a beautiful skate video re-released at the right time by Russell Houghten

The solemn silence, empty streets, in the dead of Los Angeles is a haunting watch. Recorded over 6 years ago, but re-released under a new name, this film has a gorgeous feel to it, in our current socio-politico-social climate.

Justin Guenet’s ‘Castle A Day’ project brings some magic to the COVID19 pandemic

Justin ‘Odderside’ Guenet has been illustrating ‘A Castle A Day’ and the results have been amazing. I’ve selected a few and shared them below.

I hope you’re out there staying safe and healthy. Much love.

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  1. Anon

    I’d add that the Pandemic has created a tension, that Creatives of all sorts feel the pull to express. Times like these demand art, as a byproduct of struggle and change.

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