Photo Wednesday

Let's face it, if you're reading this then you enjoy good painting on walls. I'm going to start Photo Wednesday, where I post some photos that have inspired me the…

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Hunter S. Thompson: Buy the ticket, take the ride

Hunter S. Thompson has long been one of my favourite authors, artists, and idols. He stood for much more than his profession called for and in the end he garnered a cult following not only for his writing and art but for himself as well.

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Dirty Hands & Cans

Often I am inspired by things just because they capture some emotion or feeling, or setting that I can relate to. I don't know where these go, in terms of…

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The Female Body

One of the most inspiring physical attributes of life is the female body. It is infinitely graceful, sensual, sexy, and defines smooth, silky lines. Beyond being an inspiration of life…

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